Letters to the Editor: Aug. 1, 2012

Buns Galore

Great article (“Sandwiches!” July 25)! Two other amazing sandwich places I would add are Chloe’s French Cafe (3883 Airway Drive, Ste. 145, Santa Rosa), whose jambon brie sandwich with warm ham, brie, pears and brown mustard is amazing (but so are a bunch of their other sandwiches), and Pearson & Co., an old favorite. I love all their different focaccia bread sandwiches particularly, but their meatloaf sandwich on ciabatta is a standout.

Santa Rosa

Great sandwich issue, writing and photography, but I have to call you to task for not including the fabulous prosciutto caprese sandwich at Bill & Deb’s Downtown Deli in Santa Rosa. Bill and Deb quite fortunately came over to Fourth Street from Traverso’s and are doing a commendable job in carrying on the ages-old sandwich tradition of the Traverso family. I hope this letter provides the already busy pair with the additional recognition which they so richly deserve.

Santa Rosa

Editor’s note: I can personally vouch for the kickassedness of the sandwiches mentioned above.

Market Options

What about markets like Trader Joe’s and Target on Santa Rosa Avenue (“Express Lane,” July 25)? They have a ton of food. Then there’s Lola’s. They are all within walking distance of the Circuit City site. I guess it’s all right if they let another grocery store in, but use common sense, please. It would be nice if it were safer to ride a bike or walk on Santa Rosa Avenue.

Santa Rosa

Lasting Impact

Thank you to Ryan White for his compassionate and informative piece on this marginalized community in Sausalito (“The Anchor-Outs,” July 18). It is a pleasant reminder that quality journalism persists. Such work expands intelligent discourse and has lasting impact. May you thrive.

West Marin

Attack of the Dragonfly Drones

I’m not particularly new to conspiracy theories, having been one of the JFK assassination baby boomers (“Bogus Bohemia,” July 11), so I was not surprised by the flyers, magazines and booths dedicated to one conspiracy theory or another on the day of the Creation of Care. In fact, one magazine was actually titled Paranoia. And at that booth you could purchase special CDs or DVDs that somehow told the tale that there was mind-control going on all around us, and that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin actually admitted there was no real moon landing, no one great leap for mankind.

It was a warm, sunny day in downtown Monte Rio. The amphitheater, a grassy field that slanted toward a stage, was hosting the Creation of Care, also known as Occupy Bohemian Grove. There were many locals, the good, the bad and the ugly on hand in their beach chairs along with a few young activists. They politely put up with the day’s speakers yet were probably hoping for a little action. There were musicians, a marching band, the Fukushima Mothers, Code Pink and Cindy Sheehan who roused the crowd yelling, “Fuck them. I hate them. I don’t want to be like them!”

The day was really quite lovely, and as the afternoon was winding down a sheriff’s helicopter began to circle the small crowd on the field—an annoying hum while a lone guitarist on the stage sang Woody Guthrie songs. It made me wonder about the oversized dragonflies I’d seen earlier. I was sitting on the grass when I noticed them. Big bugs. Two of them, circling as well. Never landing, but their loud little wings had attracted my attention, along with that of a two-year-old who mistook them for hummingbirds. The thought crossed my mind and I let it pass. Drones? Insects with cameras? Someone’s science project? I felt like I hadn’t noticed dragonflies like these in, like, ever. What was the likelihood?

The most powerful men in America (and the world) were hanging out just blocks away, just a short stroll from town. I had seen few police that day, sheriff or highway patrol, just one helicopter and two dragonflies. Was the future here and now? Was I under surveillance? Did man ever walk on the moon? These days, it’s hard to say.

Monte Rio

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