Letters to the Editor: April 15, 2015

Full legalization; Fave quote; 'Fifty Shades' isn't helping; Art for the frugal

Prohibit Pot Prohibition

The war on peaceful cannabis consumers has been raging for more than 80 years (Debriefer, April 1). How much more blood needs to be spilled before the prohibitionists finally give up the fight or the more sensible public demands immediate change? Cannabis prohibition has never been about public safety; it has always been about money—and lots of it. Please demand full legalization and nothing less! Let’s end this war as soon as possible!

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Hippies in Cages

Great article about a great citizen (“Reefer Badass,” April 8)! Favorite quote: “Ending prohibition means law enforcement can re-prioritize. Figueroa hopes that if California goes legal, the police will redeploy resources, for example, to go after identity-theft cases.” But for now, he says, “It’s easier to point a gun at a hippie and put him in a cage.”


Fifty Shades
of Lame

In regards to the article about Venus in Fur (“Getting Kinky,” April 8), while I have heard good things about this play, I must say that I was left feeling dismayed. It greatly concerns me that there is a trend to connect anything BDSM to the novel Fifty Shades of Grey. In no way does this work of fiction represent the BDSM community, nor does it attempt to realistically portray its dynamics. The book itself violates our most highly regarded principle, which is that all BDSM relationships should be based on communication and consent. At its worst, it puts our members back in the dark ages when those with an interest in BDSM were considered mentally ill, who needed a “healthy relationship” to cure them.

This concept of cure where there is no illness is just as insulting in my mind as the concept that if you sit and think happy thoughts you can “pray away the gay.” While I do not speak for the entire BDSM community at large, I will say that this book in no way represents me. I am sad to say that most things that are popular are neither accurate nor even “good.”


Starving Artists

I’m disappointed (“Iconic Opening,”
April 8). I’ve been pretty excited about the opening of the Art Museum of Sonoma County, only to find out that admission to its Studio 54 themed party, complete with red carpet, is $200, $175 if you’re a member. I didn’t see a “normal” cost of admission for the exhibit that runs through May 24 in this article or on the museum’s website. Way to isolate a lot of us, especially the starving artist. Sheesh!

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Editor’s note: Admission is $7 for adults. Students and seniors $5. Children under 12 are free.

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