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Living With Integrity

On any given day it’s hard to know how to move in this world with integrity. Something huge has to happen to pierce the veil of overwhelm I often feel, knowing that bad things are going on all the time. 

The invasion of Ukraine is one of those things. I spent time today holding a sign that said PUTIN with an X through his name, at a vigil. Many drivers honked their horns in support, some people flashed the V sign. A few, as always, seemed hostile. Hard to know why this time. 

Seeing photos of explosions, burning and destroyed buildings, corpses lying in torn-up fields, people sheltering in subway stations like Londoners during the Blitz, knowing that regular citizens are asking for guns so they can fight, streams of yet more refugees carrying children and running for their lives, breaks my heart. And maybe that’s how it has to be: for the heart to open, it has to break. To live with integrity means seeing what is real and not turning away. On this day, that is a given.

Moss Henry

Santa Rosa

Trump’s Take

Trump’s take on the Putin-Ukraine issue is that Putin is very smart. That means Putin has the Trump Golden Stream videos in his Nuclear arsenal. A gift that keeps on giving.

Neil Davis


We Love Nikki

I look forward to articles by Nikki Silverstein. Her writing makes for interesting and informative reading … but I do miss the “boyfriend kvetching” stories.

Mallory Gabriel



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