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SMART Cancer

As you know, a cancer continues its proliferation until it overwhelms one or more organs. The various medical treatments either remove the cancer cells entirely through surgery or kill them by various means. I don’t ever recall learning about a physician saying to ignore the cancer—or worse, to feed it. However, that seems to be precisely the “strategy” followed by the entities approving SMART expansion and their operating management. 

First, there was the ridiculous approval of the entire initial project. Evidently there were exaggerated projections as to passenger loads which supported the funding of the train. SMART acquired a freight line without proper financial analysis; it is projected to lose several hundred thousand dollars a year. So that will be another drain on taxpayer dollars, with no “turnaround” strategy. 

Space does not permit elaboration on the 2-sided issue of hazardous materials storage or the decision to burden the company by outsourcing management—which should have been analyzed pre-purchase. The current plan is to extend the line to Solano County. Given the historical track record, should we expect this section of the line to be profitable? These “strategic” moves do nothing to improve SMART and simply allow this financial cancer to grow. We need to destroy the cancer. Shut down SMART, by whatever means necessary.

Richard Peterson

San Rafael

Credit Due

About the (Bohemian) Cover Local Art, National Impact (Feb. 2); in the credits and the story, credit is given to the photographers and no mention given for the title and artist of the painting. Such a shame to offer a view of an artwork and leave that important recognition out. Please offer this important information in future stories. Thank you. 

T Barnett


Editor’s Note: The painting on the cover was done by Gallery 300 owner Jennifer Hirshfield.


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