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Yes We Can!

I think it is amazing how huge Barack Obama’s grassroots movement has become. One underlying and enduring truth is that Obama’s campaign has inspired a movement of people who really believe in our power and responsibility to make a difference in our community. Something like 700,000 donors have donated to his campaign overall, and 90 percent of those in the last month (around 200,000 people) have given less than $100. An unprecedented number of citizens have volunteered for his campaign. This is an amazing model of a grassroots campaign, and I hope it persists after this election.

Sky Nelson

Santa Rosa

middle-class poor

I wonder how many people are in the exact same situation (“Wage Slaves in Paradise,” Jan. 23). How about 80 or 90 percent of us? The bottom line for most hard-working middle-class poor is that we actually do want to pay our bills on time and in full. We are not extravagant, and if those credit limits are maxed out, they were more than likely used to pay PG&E and the water bill. If we were not being continually gouged by rising interest rates on our credit cards and mortgages we could pay our bills in full and on time. Why is no one discussing this in the political arena?

J. Earnest

Santa Rosa

Mccain is dangerous

John McCain is a known quantity, but should never have entered the race, with his age, psychological and physical conditions being major impediments to his campaign. Certainly McCain was courageous during wartime—so were thousands of others—yet this does not necessarily make them good presidential candidates. McCain’s ferocious temper should be enough to scare people, and his unpredictable emotions actually scare me if our country was in a time of peril. Does anyone really believe that he will be able to stand the rigors of the campaign until November against firecrackers like Obama or Clinton? Give me a break. I know the media wants a Democrat to win, so that is why a lot of them support McCain, because they know he won’t win. Let’s be fair about the race.

sara Rainone

Mr. Fix-It?

So, Gabe Meline advocates drilling holes in the floor of rental units and damaging the ceilings of property owned by others, and the Bohemian thinks that’s fit to print (“Deposit Security,” Jan. 30)? Come on. As a long-time landlord, I’ve dealt with all manner of human waste and carelessness, but rarely do I see such activities actually recommended in print.

Max Murphy


Mr. Murphy, dude—it was a joke. Ish. You know: a joke-ish. Anyway, he did strongly advocate for putting everything back the way you found it (in order to get money, of course). What are a few holes among friends? Ish.

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