Letters to the Editor


Feelin’ It

P. Joseph Potocki, is a masterful researcher and observer of conditions in the North Bay area (“Wage Slaves in Paradise,” Jan. 23). His article on going broke while working in the midst of luxury and opulence and plenty for a few is heart-wrenching.

I had the pleasure of living in Santa Rosa for about six months. Then came the sad recognition that I could not afford it, so I returned to Denver.

However, it has ever been thus. The few control it all. How much longer can it go on? We are motivated to change only when crisis demands some kind of action. What will be that crisis?

Tell Potocki to keep it coming. Maybe someone with some clout who sits in one of those incredible homes in the hills will read and be touched. Potocki certainly has the gift for reaching people with his words.

P. F. Pingree

Denver, COlo.

change remains the same

I suppose it is your job to recommend somebody (“You Say You Want a Revolution?” Jan. 23). I was hypnotized by Barack Obama at first, too. But I’ve gotten over it. I was similarly hopeful in ’92 in the face of “outsider” Bill Clinton’s “clarity of ideas rooted in the depth of his convictions.” How long did it take for him to don the parlance of D.C.-speak (think locally, act globally) once installed in the White House? Less than one year. The only thing that changes is the rhetoric of the campaigning politician to that of the elected politician. The “rare buzz of excitement surrounding the 2008 primaries” that “Obama has been primarily responsible for” is little more than a rock-star-style PR campaign. Has he specified any of his plans yet? I don’t hear him taking preemptive strike off the table.

Ben Franklin attributed the success of our revolution in large part to an informed populace. We are oversaturated daily by a totally controlled media. But we do have the Internet, so let’s do some homework. Take a look at Obama’s (or any candidate’s) advisers, résumé, what they like to do and what they are likely to advise. The results of that research are not heartening.

The only thing that changes is the new face card fronting the ruthless agenda of this group. Bush Jr. and Reagen were ideal stooges for the task—in November, we’ll see who Diebold’s programming shall select to next “lead” this once-great nation now bankrupted by these people.

Malcolm Clark


What a Whiner!

What a whiner (“Red Wine and Butter,” Jan. 16)! Geez! I hope Gretchen Giles didn’t go back to camp and inflict her self-focused rant on anyone else. Boot camp is not for everybody; only people who care about themselves and the people whom they love. It creates fitness, like lower blood pressure, lower resting heart rate—you know, the stuff that keeps you breathing—not just a great-looking body.

Perhaps the whiny Ms. Giles ought to put down that gargantuan sandwich, those artery-clogging chips and that scale-tipping beer and think of someone else besides her less-than-fit self. And stop complaining. Geez!



Blind Voters

All the presidential candidates must think we’re a bunch of blind voters. Why else would they espouse universal health coverage, better educational opportunities, salvaging the economy and other pie-in-the-sky promises while not addressing the fiscal, physical and emotional realities of ongoing wars in Pakistan/Afghanistan/Iraq (and the possibility of an attack on Iran). Our eyes are open; why aren’t theirs?

Jeff Coykendall

Los Gatos

Wedding books & polka-dot shoes

Accidental poetry we couldn’t refuse

Hey dancers, here are some recent items which have been left at Monroe Hall. Let me know if you think anything might be yours.


a watch

a black scarf

wire-rimmed glasses

wedding books

polka-dot shoes & 2 thermos

Sonoma County Library