Letters to the Editor


Bravo, Boho Awards

I want to say what a fine thing it is, your Boho Awards issue. I listen to KRCB, love books, enjoy chamber music—and lo! All of the important people are in your pages. Thank you for giving some “applause” to the people who rarely hear it.

Anna Huntington

Santa Rosa

Heroes in Napa

Regarding Paul and Leilani Slack (“Taking Up the Slack,” Sept. 28)—really great article about a very inspiring couple!

Jeannie Clark


Guns on the Streets

Senator Mark Reno says he wants to keep illegal guns off our streets and out of the hands of those who suffer from mental illness.Yeah, Mark . . . but who is going to make the determination as to who is “mentally ill,” and what is “illegal,” and a host of other little semantic antics that your kind up in Sack o’ Tomatoes take such delight in engaging in? You are hovering just a little too close to “more gun control” for my comfort and it seems to me that the more gun control “laws” that get forced on us, the more often that law-abiding (as in Constitution…ever hear of it?) gun owners get their rights more sharply curtailed and the more guns fall right into the hands of these thrill-killer phlegmers like Aaron Bassler. In so many words, just about everything that politicians like you touch turns to you know what flatly regardless of how well meaning it all may sound to the gullible masses of your not-too-bright constituents.

Haven’t you been watching the internet? Are you that oblivious of the kind of coprophagous stunts the BATFinks engaged in with Operation Fastwalker where gun dealers were pressured and bullied by batfinks into selling assault weapons to Mexican drug lords and their gangs just so the Obama regime would have more excuses for ultimately abolishing the second amendment? Keep this kind of thing up, Mark, and you are going to make of yourself a decided liability.

Robert Hauser

via email

Precious Water

Water is the new gold—it’s finite, precious, and if you go four days without its life-giving qualities, you die. I presume that there will be more water wars around the state as climate change and population growth come up against old infrastructure and questionable management practices—a volatile mix, to be sure.

Tim Rudolph

Santa Cruz

Why the Huge Pack?

Bikes are great (“Off the Back,” Sept. 28). They let you enjoy the scenery, they’re fun, they’re good for you and for the environment. Most of us while driving move (illegally) across the yellow line when we pass bikes, but with hundreds of bikes on the road, traffic controlled and roads closed for some bike “race,” I can’t help wonder, “Why the huge pack?”

Any extra imaginable joy is surely negated by problems for drivers.

Lisa Bollman


More on Ingram’s

Okay, two things about Ingram’s Chili Bowl—everything was covered in chili and it was some of the best hangover food available anywhere. With that in mind, we rolled in mid-morning one weekday and found friend and Ingram’s regular Bob Ederly just finishing up his “Eggs In The Red”. I ordered the same while my friend decided on the famous “Eldo,” feeling more like chili-covered lunch than chili-covered breakfast. By the time our orders were served up, Bob had decided that it was close enough to lunch and that instead of going elsewhere, he might as well just stay and eat a second meal at Ingram’s. His order? The… “Eldo.” To all that knew Ingram’s, I personally watched him finish it—I swear this happened.

Mark Barry

Santa Rosa

Sonoma County Library