Letters to the Editor


The Day the World Turned Day-Glo

James Knight uses brilliant sarcasm in his modest proposal (“Smart Future,” April 20), hitting all the hot spots of complacency that exist in various North Bay communities; most vote for a better future but, as is so typical, spout NIMBY at the same time.

I can’t remember the last time I read an article in a paper—anywhere—that made me sit up and say, “This social utopia is not only possible, but imperative if we are to sustain community!”

Thank you for publishing this important article.

Sheri M.

Rohnert Park

Let’s Submerge

Come on, residents of Sonoma County! Let’s literally put our money where our mouths are! We protest Bank of America not paying their fair share of taxes (“Make ‘Em Pay,” April 20), so let’s take our money out of B of A and put it into our local banks instead! Put your money into Exchange Bank, Community First Credit Union or the Redwood Credit Union! They invest in our communities.

So don’t just “use your words,” use your money and let’s tell them that we’re sick and tired of their greed and we don’t want to support them anymore! Let’s support the banks that support us—our residents, our homeowners, our schools, our businesses!

If you can’t change your mortgage at the present time, at least move your checking and savings accounts. Let’s all do this in the month of May, sending a message that by taking our money back, we may make a difference!

Tricia Hoffmann


Oh Bondage Up Yours!

Like a lot of people, I rely on public computers. Recently, I was at the SRJC and some familiar emails came up as porn sites. I even rebooted the computer and they came back. Then a clerk came up and said one warning and then the cops. How did she know? It was a pretty public area, and no one came around my computer. Another time, I had flash drive info get sucked off, then returned as garbage. I talked to a friend, and he told me they can monitor my use of the computer. I think this needs to be looked into, as this is pretty disturbing.

The porn issue has been pretty resolved since the 1970s, and is a very regulated industry. Is there not such thing as legitimate research, even in a taboo area? What if someone is using discretion? For me, porn is not that interesting, and really like a Warner Brothers cartoon. It ain’t real. This is not about a public letter, but a concern for the meaning of First Amendment rights.

Merlin Jones

via email

I Live Off You

A recent article on Radars.com, “Problems and Faults with Police Radar and Police Speed Guns,” shows that police radars have been issuing tickets in error: “Some experts estimate that 10-20 percent of all radar-backed speeding tickets are issued in error; and in the case of radar that is operated from a moving police vehicle, the number of bad tickets may be as high as 30 percent.”

I recently was issued a citation in the area of Forestville School, where the officer claimed I was going 51 mph (in a 35 mph zone). I can assure you I was not going 51 mph.

I haven’t decided yet whether to challenge the CHP on my ticket, as Paul Sarran did (“Challenging the CHP,” Feb. 2). In order for me to be doing the 51 mph the CHP claimed I was doing, my car would have had to clear the top of the hill, Dukes of