Letters to the Editor


Belief in Government

I was greatly saddened by Molly Wolf’s Open Mic column (“When Honesty Unravels,” Dec. 22). I was forced out of my job as teacher of English as a second language in the Tamalpais Union High School District by small-minded, ignorant and overpaid administrators, and know what it feels like to try to make a difference in public service, only to be thwarted in the effort. It was not that long ago that as a lifelong Democrat I believed in government. No more. I haven’t gone over to the Republican dark side, but my belief that government can actually work has been severely shaken. I wish Ms. Wolf only the best in her efforts to both be of service and maintain her integrity.

Jack Lieberman

San Anselmo

Debt for Dummies

Adding further to the mounting problems facing our state, California’s credit rating is the lowest in the nation. The state pays a 1.1 percent interest rate—1.1 percent higher than other states—which leads to an added $12 billion in interest to pay off $54 billion in debts.

Jerry Brown’s newly named controller, John Chiang, says the state does not appear to be facing a cash crisis through the end of the fiscal year, but thereafter, “we see a very different story.”

Rich people have borrowed themselves into debts that they can never repay. Poor people have done the same. Middle-class people have done the same. So if the slightest little thing gets out of balance or goes off in any way, the whole thing crashes like a bunch of dominoes! Everyone loses, except the ones who loaned the money and now own everything. The mortgages that were sold to banks, pension funds and investors were packaged in such a complex way that they practically defied understanding. As a result, many financial firms aren’t even sure how much money they’ve lost yet—or how much the remainder of their mortgage-backed assets are worth.

Ted Rudow III

Menlo Park

Shocked at New Low

I’d like to add my support for Leilani Clark’s article about that horrible mailer likening all immigrants to murderers (“The Fallout of Fear, Postage Paid,” Dec. 15). Unfortunately, fearmongering is a reality of elections, but I was shocked at this new low. After reading your article, I’m even more frustrated at the way Torliatt’s statements were blatantly twisted. Thank you to the Bohemian for offering a different light on this issue.

Marjorie leland


GMO Labeling Now

It’s high time that the Food and Drug Administration require proper labeling on food products containing items that have been genetically modified. The United States needs to quickly follow the lead of the European Union, Japan and other nations that have guidelines requiring mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods. Many companies have started labeling their own foods “Non-GMO,” but this is done at the companies’ discretion, not as an effort by the FDA. How are we supposed to make educated choices without proper labeling? The American public deserves access to information that will help avoid ingesting potentially harmful and possibly even life-threatening products that haven’t been properly analyzed and studied.

Lisa Butler

Hidden Valley lake