Letters to the Editor

A Real Conversation

Thank you so much to Leilani Clark for shedding a bit more light on the disgusting, cowardly, pro–David Rabbitt “Sanctuary Is No Picnic” mailer sent out like a sucker punch at the last minute of the campaign for county supervisor (“The Fallout of Fear, Postage Paid,” Dec. 15). I hope “we”—including the Press Democrat and Argus-Courier—keep pursuing this matter until those responsible are outed individually and publicly. Then we might have a chance to clear the air and have a real conversation about immigrants and their integral part in our local economy and culture.

Scott Hess


Having the Courage

Congratulations for running the important story by Leilani Clark about the despicable mailers defaming Second District supervisorial candidate Pam Torliatt.

Over the past years I have fumed and fussed about the arrogant, misleading spin printed on postcards and mailings. The incorrect accusation that Torliatt overtly, whole-heartedly supported “sanctuary” is business-as-usual at the Press Democrat.

Thanks for having the courage to publish this well-written, carefully documented story. If only more reporters were like Leilani Clark, and more local publications were courageous like the North Bay Bohemian.

Johanna Lynch

Editor, Russian River Times


False Characterizations

The Racial Justice Allies of Sonoma County are deeply troubled by the racism used in David Rabbit’s election campaign. We demand that the Sonoma County Alliance retract its false characterization of immigrants as murderers. We thank the Bohemian for highlighting this critical issue.

As a multicultural group, we are troubled that those who have the power to define which issues are important and the means to create a public discourse are using those advantages to dehumanize and create fear. The campaign mailer not only scapegoated immigrants, it was a gift to white people who wish to do harm without public scrutiny.

As anti-racist allies, we expect more from those in power. Rather than racist generalizations, we demand an honest discourse that addresses the actual issues at hand. For example, should county employees collaborate with ICE when facilitating the deportation of persons not convicted of serious crimes? Does the free flow of private money into political campaigns encourage this type of propaganda?

We invite anyone from David Rabbitt’s campaign, anyone from the Sonoma County Alliance and any concerned members of the community to join us in conversation at our next meeting on Jan. 20, at 6:30pm, at 547 Mendocino Ave. in Santa Rosa.

Christopher Bowers, Carl Patrick, Adrienne Lauby, Judy Helfand, Linell Hardy, Molly Ashe, Frances Anderson, John Jaffray, Jennifer Blake, Olembe Nguebari and Maureen Purtill

Racial Justice Allies of Sonoma County

Extending Tax Cuts

The unemployed get their benefits extended for 13 months, while the wealthy get theirs extended for two years! There is certainly something wrong with this deal. Thank you Lynn Woolsey for standing strong and voting no on this piece of unfair and unbalanced legislation.

Cynkay Morningsong

Santa Rosa