Letters to the Editor


Art Heals

I want to thank you for Charles Churchill’s article “The Michelangelo Project” (Open Mic, July 28). It stated some new ideas: that we constantly make decisions while creating and see our thoughts take shape, for instance. Too few people understand what is learned and experienced through the art process, and discount its significance. I didn’t use to believe it myself, but now after observing the personal expression, the shifts and the healing that can occur, I am a firm believer and have used art in therapy, as well as just a fun activity. We can express ourselves, learn and work things out through the art process without explaining it to anyone. And art is a regular activity at Grandma’s house.

Susan Meade

Santa Rosa

Profiles in Courage

Germans were castigated for following orders, keeping silent and denying responsibility during the Nazi era and World War II. Julian Assange of WikiLeaks and, apparently, a young soldier named Bradley Manning have broken the silence and borne witness as whistleblowers to the criminal and brutal actions of the United States in Afghanistan. Like Daniel Ellsberg, they have taken tremendous risks and are now in grave danger. I applaud Assange and Manning for their courage and integrity. What happens to them happens to all of us.

Moss Henry

Santa Rosa

War is Taxing

Stop sending U.S. tax dollars to the Palestinian Authority, which, since its founding in the 1960s by an Egyptian-born organizer, has incited hatred and violence against Israel through what it persists in calling a religious war, glorifying terrorism and terrorists.

With usurpation of Jerusalem, the historical capital of the Jewish people, and all of Israel as its goal, the Palestinian Authority describes talks and negotiations as temporary tactical measures.

Before a “Two State Solution,” let alone a “One State Solution” (Open Mic, July 7), can be implemented, the Arab Muslims of Palestine must recognize Israel and its 3,000-year-plus presence and rights in the region, educate their people for peace and raise their children to have jobs, not Jihad.

Patricia Kimball

San Francisco

H’burg jazz fest shake-up

In a July 29 post on his City Sound Inertia blog (www.bohemian.com/citysound), Gabe Meline reported that the board of the prestigious Healdsburg Jazz Festival suspended its series for 2011 and dismissed festival founder Jessica Felix. The below comment is in response to that post.

As the major sponsor of the Healdsburg Jazz Festival for the last four years, I am appalled by the action taken by the board. Jessica Felix is the heart and soul of this festival, and the musicians are her family. The board of directors are not about the music, but rather about their own self-importance and have hijacked this venue. Instead of working with Jessica, they have chosen to eliminate her. Without her, this is the end of jazz in Healdsburg.

Kathy Martin

Santa Rosa Systems