Letters to the Editor


WFC Blew It with bartalini

The Wells Fargo Center for the Performing Arts blew it (“All’s Not Well at Wells,” Feb. 3). Letting Rick Batalini go was a self-destructive move. Rick brought the entertainers to Santa Rosa, and his personality sold out their shows. My husband and I traveled to San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Mountain View, Concord and finally were able to stay in our own backyard to hear amazing concerts!

Why on earth would Wells Fargo send Rick walking and destroy a much-needed venue and a valuable connection for this small community? If Wells Fargo Center has a clue they will beg him to return, apologize to the community and give him a raise!

Amy Brust

Santa Rosa

Corporate Citizenship

At long last the Supreme Court has made a decision that real Americans can get solidly behind and ended second-class citizenship for long-oppressed corporations. Restricted for decades, their freedom of speech curtailed and stifled, corporations could only spend limited amounts on election campaigns, a disgraceful defiling of their First Amendment rights. Not since their greatest hour—preventing Al Gore from becoming president—has the court so triumphed in the cause of free-market democracy. Finally corporations, their tiny voices choked by the campaign-finance-reform fanatics, can be heard throughout the land. Their long-overdue full personhood has been established, and they are now free to speak their minds and support with their heard-earned fortunes the righteous and deserving.

Bite on that, liberal Democratic (redundant?) surrender-monkeys.

Only trouble is that the court didn’t go far enough. Everyone knows corporations are persons and deserving of individual rights—so why can’t they vote, run for office or get married if they want? Why are corporations left out in the cold, excluded from the warm inner sanctum of full citizenship?

This was a glaring oversight in jurisprudence, but it’s only a matter of time.

Rejoice, fellow real Americans, and imagine the incredible mess we’d be in now if Gore had become president. One shudders to think. We’d all be forced to marry trees and put clothing on animals.

Will Shonbrun

Boyes Springs

His Two Cents

Re: Preview of 2 By 5 at the Raven Theater (“Perfectly Marvelous,” Critic’s Choice, Jan. 27). I saw this show recently. Lots of talented performers, lots of energy, but lacked “edge.” Meaning? So fast-paced—as if racing to beat the clock—that subtle nuances, ironic twists and sociopolitical jabs were largely lost. A few soloists knew how to “sell a song,” and they did. But mostly the pacing steamrollered the content. Oh, well. I guess they never promised us Joel Grey or Bebe Neuwirth.

Michael F McCauley

Santa Rosa

A modest request

This incessant rain is getting too many of us down.

Could one of you birthers please write a letter to the Bohemian claiming that President Obama wasn’t born in the USA and is a Muslim? It’s been too long, and laughter, after all, is the best medicine.

It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Chris Lucas


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