Letters to the Editor


Boo to Banksters

The determination and courage to take action as Michael Carnacchi has done is exactly what we need from American citizens today (“David and Two Goliaths,” Dec. 16). The “banksters” have gotten away with robbing the American citizens for far too long. They have sucked the American government into their cesspool of greed and corruption, and now we get robbed from both ends. Michael is a true hero and patriot. We could use a lot more citizens like him to show them that we refuse to be robbed any further. Please, people get away from the tube and get active! Dancing with the Stars, American Idol and gossip about Hollywood are just a distraction. Know what your government officials are up to before they surprise you. Let them know how you feel about the direction of this country. We have the power to clean house and change the nameplates on the doors of the career politicians in Washington who have been corrupted by the system. Know your candidates. These are the people that help shape the future for all of us. Go get ’em, Michael!

Darryl Wright


How To Send an extra Slingshot

I would really like to support Mr. Carnacchi in his fight against the credit card companies. Any suggestions on how I could support him in his efforts? I am attempting to raise money to help pay some of his mounting legal fees/living expenses.


Mill Valley

While we don’t have an email address for Michael Carnacchi, please know that he can be reached through his shop, the Apple Cobbler, 227 N. Main St., Sebastopol. 707.823.7204.

These days, He just emails us

Why a “Bohemian”? The word means a complete reversal of normal values, so molesting, sacrificing, and slaughter are all OK! Well, it’s not OK! Brainwashed fools laugh at truth and goodness, and blindly follow the lies and evilness. Watch the ancient druidic sacrificial ritual at the Bohemian Grove. The black death of the god of chaos, the moloch owl, better known as EL, Saturn, Satan, Cronus. Evilness is weakness! Truthiracy.

The Lord

via email

Dept. of Corrections

Our executive editor was really pretty stoked that iconic artist Stanley “Alton Kelley and I Branded the Grateful Dead in an Indelible Way No Band Has Yet Surpassed” Mouse was giving us the illustration for our Dec. 23 cover. Heck, I was really pretty stoked, though I know that Mr. Mouse is a fan of the Bohemian and is sweetly pleased to be modestly placed in our pages, as we strive to do several times a year. Shucks, we were all really pretty stoked about it.

And then Christmas struck, that time-sucking vortex which whirls even the best-intentioned editors into an ever narrowing garret of butter-based meals and invisible tape. Spit out of the whirl on Boxing Day, I gave an idle look at the Dec. 23 issue. A cropped detail of Stanley Mouse’s beautiful image indeed graced the cover, but the nipple-proud ladies were gone. Also absent was any mention of Stanley “I Did the Same Thing for Journey” Mouse’s name.

With only New Year’s Eve to occupy us this week, we hasten to correct the breach. The entire image by Mr. Stanley Mouse reappears on our Calendar lead (p33) for your inspection and delight, and I’ve hopefully used his name to some number here.

In Further Arrrggghhhs One Susie Schlesinger is happy to report via voicemail that internationally renowned sculptor Mark di Suvero finds it a complete hoot that my “Appreciation” of the recently deceased artist Peter Forakis lists Forakis as di Suvero’s mentor, as though Mark was yet a fresh dewy thing eager to understand that steel sometimes bends when you heat it instead of a seventy-something peer and colleague. My apologies to the friends and loved ones of Peter Forakis. Could someone please read this to Mark?

The Ed.

Very ready for the whole bad damn year to be done

Sonoma County Library