Letters to the Editor

We’re Guessing ‘Villain’

I didn’t attend a UC school, but read with interest Dr. Don Rothman’s Open Mic essay on the rising cost of tuition (“Degree of Worth,” Nov. 11). What was not addressed was why the tuition fees are so high. Are UC faculty and staff paid disproportionally higher than in other schools, are they banking the money and building a ridiculously high endowment, or is the cost of running a state school just so high that that’s what it costs to get an education in California? Without that information, it’s hard to know if the UC system is the villain or victim.

Craig Smith

Executive Director, Napa Downtown Association

Keep your laws off our bodies

As a young woman, I understand the difficult choices I make daily about my body. I personally do not believe I could ever abort a child, but I do believe that I cannot make that choice for others, because I do not walk in their shoes. It is because of this core belief that I strongly believe the government has no place in making these decisions for the people. The Stupak Amendment proposes to do that and more. We cannot deny coverage to a woman who for her own personal reasons chooses to have an abortion. Healthcare reform will expand access to quality, affordable healthcare for millions of men, women and children. It is absolutely crucial we pass legislation this year. But outlawing coverage for a legal, medical procedure hurts women and thus hurts America. We cannot dictate what is and is not covered when currently there are Americans who have no choices because they have no coverage. Church and state are separate, and thus religious decisions about abortion have no place in a public option. We cannot have a healthy America without healthy Americans.

Lisa Sobel

San Jose

Blood Sport Blues

So, watching butchers cut up whole animals in the Bloodhound Bar is the “newest live entertainment”? (“Viscera and Voyeurism,” Nov. 18). Be honest: it’s blood sport. And now, butchers, your time’s up. You’ve had your 15 minutes of fame. Next! Oh, by the way, if thirty-something hipster foodies really want to save tradition, maybe they should apprentice to a skilled butcher. You know, to learn something. What you can pick up in a bar isn’t really educational or going to “save tradition.” Ya know?

Michael F. McCauley

Santa Rosa

Whoa, there, Michael: Rising stars Ryan Farr and Taylor Boetticher did apprentice under master butchers and do respect the craft and art of the profession.

Skinned Goat Heads Not His Thing

As a confirmed In-and-Out-lovin’ carnivore and no fan of WETA (Wingnuts for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) in any way, shape or form, even I found your cover article on butcher parties to be really disgusting. I’m also a champion of freedom of speech and of the press, but maybe we didn’t need the stomach-turning pictures, which only seemed to suggest food, folks and fun at Jeffrey Dahmer’s. Sasha Wizansky is absolutely right when she was quoted as saying, “Everybody has something to say about [meat].” I can almost guarantee there will be a bloody backlash from the Radical Tofuheads in response. Oh, wow, what do you know? What a perfect segue! Look whose letter is next. . . .

Chris Lucas


Whoa, there, Chris: The admittedly repugnant display of raw animal parts at Primal was not exactly like being trapped inside the fetid apartment of deranged serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Hangings, Stonings, etc

I was saddened, shocked and disgusted with your article on butcher parties in San Francisco. People are actually paying money to watch the slaughter of innocent animals. Where are we going as a society? Hopefully, people witnessing this will realize where their food is actually coming from and stop eating animals. However, maybe they will become desensitized and be more likely to condone Michael Vick and other dog abusers. Maybe we will start to have public hangings in town squares. Maybe this will lead to more domestic violence.

Stephen Beidner

Santa Rosa

Whoa, there, Stephen: The animals are not slaughtered onsite in a bar; rather, they are humanely excised, mostly dressed and thoroughly bled in advance. How such a meal might lead to the canonization of Michael Vick, the reinstitution of community lynchings and a rise in spousal abuse remains just a wee bit mysterious to us. But damn do we love barbecue.