Letters to the Editor

Beautiful Dreamers

After reading the “Viscera and Voyeurism” article (Nov. 18), we really love the idea that these types of events would dismantle all factory farms. It would be a great start to finish all the slaughter of all these beautiful animals. Then the next step would be to end all types of animal devastation. If the road will be in a couple of small steps to end all of this type of Neanderthal-like slaughter, then it might be worth the wait. Open up your eyes to the destruction of the animals’ lives, the environment, people’s health and people’s conscientiousness.

Kevin and Anna Hornick


Commie clucks

The article “Viscera and Voyeurism” reminds me of being at a hotel restaurant in Havana a few decades ago, where diners queuing up for their tables were instructed to look into the open kitchen in order to watch and appreciate the process of bringing an animal, in this case chickens, from cage to plate. Additional understanding was provided by wall plaques and a quite knowledgeable “guide,” who even managed, quite effectively, to insert a bit of Marxism-Leninism into her patter.

Thomas Richman

Queensland, Australia

Keep your laws off our bodies, Pt. 2

I am very happy that my representatives voted against the Stupak-Pitts Amendment. Thank you. Unfortunately, we need to encourage those same representatives to make a hard choice and vote down a healthcare reform package that includes it as part of the final draft. It means that we—all of us readers and voters—need to be patient and support a good plan for healthcare reform. We have waited this long for healthcare reform. I think it’s unacceptable to replace our already bad system with a new bad system. Let your representatives know that women will not be the bargaining chip in this healthcare debate!

Lisa DeMartini

Santa Rosa

Belaboring the labor

The implication in your paper that Graton’s new signs are somehow elitist or racist misses the point completely (“Street Talking,” Nov. 11). A community has a right to decide what it wants to look like. Graton has gone out of its way to accommodate the workers by building a labor center where they can congregate, continue to get hired as day laborers and receive benefits.

The fact that many of them ignore the signs and continue to hang out on the street seems quite disrespectful to the efforts of the community (as does catcalling at passersby) and unfair to their fellow laborers who use the center.
We’re not talking about a handful of people on the street; downtown Graton is one block long and, there are upwards of 50 men standing about every day.

Personally. I would like to see them show more consideration.

N. Gingrich


Just a gentle tip-toe of a note to remind that our article didn’t use the words ‘elitist’ or ‘racist’; a letter writer in the Nov. 18 issue did.

We want our own support site!

There is an error in the part of your article that is about The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus (“Big Guns,” Nov. 25). You mention The Circus of Dr. Lao. The film was actually called The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao, and it didn’t star the gentleman you mentioned; it starred the late great Tony Randall, who played all seven roles.

Theresa Shell

The Imaginarium Of Dr. Parnassus Support Site

Sonoma County Library