Letters to the Editor


Breathless Rec

I generally rely on the Bohemian for a lot of local information, be it entertainment, political discussion and the “what to do and where to go” in the North Bay. I was very excited to see a roundup of pho restaurants, but was breathless when I didn’t see my favorite pho restaurant listed, Lee’s Noodle House on Hopper at Airway! Are you kidding me, Bohemian? Was this purposeful?

I love this restaurant so much. They treat me like family, the food is fresh, fast and affordable. But most of all the food is sooo dang delicious! If you don’t know what to order, just ask and they will bring out the perfect dish for you. Lee’s is a great restaurant that I recommend to friends and new acquaintances alike.

David Luty
Santa Rosa 

Yikes, David, it was not a planned snub of your favorite restaurant, promise! Lee’s is helpfully located at 1010 Hopper Ave., Santa Rosa. Please rush to reach them by phone at 707.523.2358.

Boycott Marriage

I attended the MILK + Love, Light Up the Night for Equality in Santa Rosa on Saturday, Dec. 20, and wanted to share my gratitude for the people who showed up on a cold and dark night in support of marriage equality and the 18,000 couples who married this year while gay marriage was legal in California.

The Courage Campaign and Join the Impact helped organize the event (with support from local organizers) across the country in recognition and support for the 18,000 gay and lesbian married couples, and to repeal Proposition 8. Nationwide, the candlelight vigil was supposed to be held in front of malls and shopping areas, but the Santa Rosa Plaza/Simon Malls refused to allow a peaceful gathering in support of civil rights on their private property, so we instead gathered in Courthouse Square and took a silent stroll around the downtown area.

The good news is that California State Attorney General Jerry Brown is calling on the California Supreme Court to invalidate Prop. 8 because it is unconstitutional. At least Jerry Brown is taking a proactive step toward equality! We all know separate but equal doesn’t work and isn’t fair.

Introducing your longtime lover, friend, co-parent, etc., as your domestic partner is not the same as introducing them as your husband or wife. The words “husband,” “wife” and “marriage” have meaning, and “domestic partner” does not have the same weight—it just doesn’t.

So my thought is this: All of us who are in support of marriage equality should boycott marriage. That’s right, don’t get married and don’t go to any weddings until marriage is legal for gay and lesbian couples. I’m pledging to stand in solidarity with the gay and lesbian community and not get married or go to any weddings until marriage is legal for all people. Will you?

Mira Wonderwheel

Dept. of Kicking myself

Our Dec. 17 cover feature “Shot!” gave a full spread to the terrific work done by the students from Santa Rosa High School’s ArtQuest program. We are so proud to work with these students each year and I’m particularly proud to give them a public forum for their work. So it’s even more galling than an “ordinary” mistake would be when I make a massive mix-up because of consonants.

Yes, this dark insight into the sluggish blob of editorial brain reveals that when I see two s‘s or two n‘s together, I become well-nigh bewitched. Which can be the only reason that I assigned Tessa Brunsmann’s name to Genna Tomasi’s image and vice versa.

Tessa—ss—shot the peppers at Tierra Vegetables and still goes there with her mom; Genna—nn—shot the chard at the Yulupa community gardens. And I—dumdum—was too bedazzled—zz—to git it rite.

The Ed.
None too pleased at letting the kids down


Sonoma County Library