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June 14-20, 2006

Nice ‘n’ Toasty

The two lads of Toast Machine would like to thank the Bohemian and our amazing, rocking, voting fans for the NORBAY Award we received Friday night. Thank you for covering the local music scene, and thank you for starting a tradition to recognize all the great music that is in our community.

To our Bohemian reading fans: Thank you all! You are the greatest! Look for the new album this September! With love,

Toast Machine
Gio Benedetti and Brandon Warner

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

Gee whiz, Bob ( June 7). A couple benefit gigs (“benefit” meaning: after the band gets paid) and co-authoring a kids’ book 15 years ago. That’s really “walk[ing] the talk.” If ever there was a delusional millionaire rock star/corporate whore, Mr. Weir reigns supreme.

Daniel Waller, Petaluma

Percentages, Yapping, Thievery

Since I’m not bashing Bush specifically or Republicans generally, I don’t expect my letter to make your paper. However, futile as it may be, I must answer the letter by BJ Kimball ( Letters, June 7). In his/her letter, Kimball bashes Bush and “rich people” for not being generous with all the ill-gotten gains they’ve received from tax cuts and the general thievery that they do every day in the corporate world. (My words, not Kimball’s.)

I know facts are not always welcome to the leftists, but I must inject some anyway. Last year, Bush donated over 25 percent of his income to charity. Cheney, who got richer due to his blood-soaked Haliburton stock options, donated over 85 percent (he made $8 million and donated $6.75 million). In contrast, in their last years in office, Clinton donated less than 5 percent and Gore less than 2 percent. The reality is that Republicans/conservatives give greatly through charities and Christian organizations that feed the poor and fight AIDS. The difference between us and the leftists is that we just do it–we don’t yap about it.

Rod Wallace, Santa Rosa

Keeping It on the Books

Christopher Dunnbier, Asst. Manager, Toyon Books, Healdsburg

Internet’s Lightning Speed

Re John Jacob Niles ( Jan. 18): Wonderful story by Gabe Meline. I had not heard of Niles, but now I will follow up more exploring about this artist because of this article. Thanks for keeping music alive, up-close and personal.

John Meares, Concord, N.C.

Feeling It For Real

I just read Eugene Dey’s story about hep C ( June 7). My father is incarcerated at this time and has been for the last 11 years. He was diagnosed with hep C within the last two years. Prior to being incarcerated, he did not have this illness. He has seen a doctor a handful of times in the time he has found out. He is being neglected.

I am concerned for his health and hear stories of inmates dying every day due to this situation. I want to get help to my father anyway I can. During this time, he has filed a case against the prison for not treating him and giving him the meds he needs. I am in the process of looking for an attorney for him. I don’t know where to go; I am lost. I have searched and searched, and have had no luck finding someone who will help him with his case. He has a court date set and all the evidence he needs. He feels very confident about this case and needs help fighting for his life. I have no clue if writing this is helping me but I am starting anywhere and doing whatever I can to save my father. He has less then five months left behind bars. I want to see him walk away from that place alive.

Alicia, San Jacinto

California’s Shame

I read the article about hepatitis C being in the California prisons and the denial of treatment to the prisoners. How does the California Department of Corrections get away with this? What a disgrace! When someone is incarcerated, they become the responsibility of the CDCR. To deny someone of life-saving treatment is unconscionable. When an inmate dies because they were not treated for their illness, the CDCR should be held accountable.

It amazes me that John Q. Public has to pay for his mistakes but our illustrious lawmakers and government workers do not. Humans are supposed to be the most intelligent of the species on this planet, yet we are the most unkind of the species. Man’s inhumanity to man . . .

Leslie Taugher, Madison, Wis.


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