Letters to Editor: July 22, 2015

Nice job; Glad to see; Great piece; I am being poisoned


Nice job on the investigative article by Tom Gogola regarding the accumulation of single-family homes by mega-corporate interests (“Homewrecker,” July 8).

 The tax code should be changed to limit or eliminate mortgage interest deduction on “investment” homes in order to dis-incentivize investors and keep that housing stock available for buyers who want to live in them. Tax incentives for single-family homes should be geared for owner-occupiers, not for speculators.

San Francisco


I was glad to see a critique/discussion of the quality of theater in this area (“Over-Oaked Theater,” July 15). However, I am shocked that David Templeton does not mention the Imaginists, a theater company that pushes the envelope at every turn.

Santa Rosa


Great piece. So true and so frustrating. I saw the opening night performance of Jake’s Women as part of the Sonoma Arts Live season. It was the best theater performance in Sonoma in ages, and it wasn’t sold-out. This was opening night! It’s so frustrating.

Via Bohemian.com


Like many of my Graton neighbors, I am upset by the full-page ad posted last week by the Sonoma County Wine Commission in the Press Democrat about its “sustainable” growing practices. [Note: The ad ran in the Bohemian too.] These local winegrowers claim they are “growing a better place for us all to live, work and play.” This was published the same week I called the county agricultural commissioner after my housemate had six rounds of vomiting after nearby Dutton Ranch sprayed its vineyards. The biologists think it was from a fungicide with the charming name of Luna Experience. We have little or no recourse.

For 14 years, I used to enjoy inhaling the sweet, pure country air on my wild 11 acres. Now I rush into the house to get away from the smell of pesticides, and fear I am being poisoned. I enjoy the atmosphere of conviviality of my local wineries, but there are too many now. They suck the water from the water table and are dangerous to creatures tiny and large. They used to lift my spirits. Now they break my heart.


Dept. of Corrections

Last week’s story “Lethal Rejection” mistated the state’s schedule for issuing a new draft execution protocol. It will be issued by late October.

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