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Why did the city allow this against the sign ordinance? When it rains who will clean up the mess! BAD DECISION by Petaluma. Shame on you!!!

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

Not in the Park!

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Good move, Petaluma. The Kindness Committee will certainly take care of the installation—and it never rains in the summer in Sonoma County. #blacklivesmatter #kindnesscommittee

Olive Petaluma

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Automobile Investigation

The following were online comments in response to a July 9 online article, “Focus of SR Police’s Investigation Into Porsche-Protester Incident Remains Unclear.”

As a person who was quite literally shoved out of the way of this vehicle after it sped past the front cyclist, yeah. There is a lot more than frustration for how the police handled this, the biased and awful press release, and this faulty, super-flimsy claim of the driver, who had her window up when she nearly hit me and “was punched” AFTER driving through a crowd of more than 150 peaceful people.

AL 1

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Two similar incidents at the June 26 march in Healdsburg are currently being “investigated” by HPD. Nothing has been done and now investigating officer Craig Smith has gone silent, not responding to my request for an update. Chief Burke is finessing the city council member who asked for info. So Alex Z gets to just drive right at a group of 50 protesters with impunity. I am disgusted.

Karen Miller

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