Letters: May 3, 2015

Potholes, Talking Bock and Major Screw-Ups

Potholes and Pitfalls

Maybe Pat O’Halloran’s penchant for A’s might equate to an “A” in math (Letters, May 20), but I would give him an “A” in gullibility also. Either that or he has something to gain personally by the new tax.

The June 2 election isn’t the end of the world for road repairs. If we’ve suffered five, 10 or however many years of neglect of road repair, a few months or years isn’t going to make much of a difference. Look on the bright side. Tire dealers are happy. Towing companies are happy. Our supervisors are spreading the wealth around. What’s not to be happy about? Nine hundred dollars is chicken feed.

Imagine the stress and anxiety supervisors will feel if Measure A bombs. The taxpayers might remember who came up who came up with the monstrosity in the next election when their incumbency and competency are at stake.

You, by now, should have figured out where all the potholes are. Oh, the new ones? Why don’t we have a “pothole buddy” app to inform us daily of where they’re popping up?

Since the government stopped selling military-assault equipment to the cops, you should be able to get a good deal on an M1 Abrams tank to traverse your daily battlefield commute on the cow paths of Sonoma County.

You should feel sorry for the supervisors if we don’t approve Measure A. They had plans to each get one of those new Aero-cars from Europe (paid for by the 1/4 percent increase) so they wouldn’t have to travel the roads with us taxpayers—they’d just fly over us. Defecation up there will be no problem. They’re doing that on us already.

I’m hoping the majority of us will have a better sense of smell than O’Halloran and a little less gullibility.


Talking Bock

Carneros Bock? (“Horn of Plenty,”
April 29). Hmm. Maybe I missed something on my many visits to this terrific addition to the microbrewery scene in Sonoma County. I actually don’t recall a bock at Carneros Brewery. Carneros IPA, maybe? Wait. I suspect Chupacabra was playing tricks on Mr. Knight’s taste buds—or his memory. Ya think?

Via Bohemian.com

James Knight responds: The Carneros Bock is a seasonal brew, and it does not have its own tap handle like the Negra IPA and Morena seen in the photo. But it’s still on tap now, as a representative of Carneros Brewery affirmed to me over the phone. I highly recommend that you check it out.

Dept. of Corrections

Last week’s Arts & Events listings had the wrong dates. All of them. We regret the error.

But didn’t it feel like February?

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