What is the difference between the president of the Ukraine and the president of the United States?

The president of the Ukraine is a comedian.

The president of the United States is a joke.

San Rafael

Bolt Vote

Since your editorial page is now a vehicle for advertising (for Budweiser beer of all things!), I’d like to contribute an advertisement for a product I love: the Chevy Bolt.

I don’t know why everyone isn’t driving this car. It’s all-electric and it gets 250 miles to a charge (there’s a 300 mile club, but we haven’t tried that yet). OK, if you’re a long-distance commuter without a place to plug it in at the end of your commute, perhaps this isn’t the car for you. But for everyone else this car rocks!

Every time I drive my safety-green Bolt I feel smug and self righteous about not contributing to greenhouse gases and global warming. OK, I know that our individual choices will not by themselves change the world, but if everyone drove electric cars we might make a dent.

You never have to breathe exhaust fumes or go to a gas station again! And it’s fun to drive, with lots of pep. We leased our Bolt from the local Chevy dealer with a rebate from Sonoma Clean Power (that rebate is over but there may be others).

I don’t often watch TV, but when I do the car ads are still promoting big, gas-guzzling trucks to macho men. WTF! Guys, you can still feel powerful driving the Bolt even if your penis is small. Powerful, smug and self righteous.

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Moon Shot

Great—Gov. Moonbeam II can panic about a “youth vaping epidemic,” but he can’t take decisive action to ban from California an industry that’s dooming human lives and biotic diversity and water quality: the hydraulic fracturing criminal syndicate (“The Nugget,” Sept. 25). Gavin, you’re a dimwit, and worse, a collaborator. Karma’s gonna catch up with you.

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Raving Review

It doesn’t make sense to compare two different productions of two different plays as if they were written and performed with the same artistic intent (“Self Aware,” Sept. 15).

Does room for meaningful reflection mean that the action of the play is interrupted now and then in order for the audience to reflect on the ideas presented? Does the play have a focus? Is it about all the tender and tense moments that comprise a relationship? Or about how different women view their bodies in relation to art and sexuality? How being on the spectrum can lead to funny moments? What’s the main focus? What’s the action of the play centered on?

This is little more than a plot summary and a few unsupported compliments to some of the actors, which is apparently what passes for theatre criticism in the Bohemian.

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