June 6: Fur Dixon and Steve Werner at Studio E

The Hollywood Hillbillies might not have received much press for their music, but the Southern California country-punk outfit brought live chickens out onstage with them, and that was enough to earn attention for Fur Dixon and her fellow band mates. As a bassist for the Cramps during a short but influential spell in 1986, Dixon toured the world in a fuzz- and reverb-drenched haze behind the unpredictable onstage presence of Lux Interior, but shortly afterwards got back to her hat-and-boots roots alongside Rosie Flores in the Screamin’ Sirens. With her wilder days mostly behind her, she conjures Bakersfield-like imagery with Steve Werner, with whom she has an infectious musical rapport. Dustbowls, tumbleweeds and rambling are central to their well-blended two-part harmonies. Sit a spell next to the old wood stove and hear their songs and stories on Saturday, June 6, at Studio E. Address provided with ticket, Sebastopol. 8pm. $23. 707.542.7143.Gabe Meline

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