June 23: Text Message Contest at Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds

hey u cuddie i b textn n the text message contest here n p-town. they say i got do as many wrdz as i can in 3 min and i gonna whup ass on these other foolz. fairs pretty chill dis year wit ferris wheel an all but i like it better b4 cuz hottiez in effect. they got a youtube thing too today i think i gunna do dat too. oh an kylie is in a teen fashion show here lol what a loser haha. i tried guitar hero contest but n e way i suck at it. if i win this u get a blue tooth thing for wining so I just gonna keep typing did u see the runaways that chick kristen stewart played is here in a couple days but kristen stewart is hotter oh my timez up. k thx bai ill be here all day wednesday june 23 at sonoma-marin faregroundz. 175 faregroundz drive, petaluma 1–5pm. free but u gotta pay $10–$15 fair admission fml. 707.283.3247.