June 16: Jon Anderson at the Napa Valley Opera House


In 1983, the year of the “Owner of a Lonely Heart” video, all it took for Yes lead singer Jon Anderson to transform into an eagle was a trench coat and a bird call. He was soon followed by Chris Squire, transforming into a large black snake with nothing but the sound of a rattle. In 1983, we demanded so much less of our special effects crews. How are you gonna turn into a monitor lizard with a twist of your foot? What does that guy’s suit have to do with transforming into a cat? In any case, Anderson has returned to human form, and is currently touring solo and acoustically. See Anderson play, and possibly transfigure, on Saturday, June 16, at the Napa Valley Opera House. 1030 Main St., Napa. $40. 8pm. 707.226.7372.

Sonoma County Library