July 21: Cali Swag District and New Boyz at Phoenix Theater


Did you forget how to Dougie? Have your joints rusted a bit since the last time you danced the Jerk? Well, let Cali Swag District and the New Boyz remind you that 2009 was actually kind of a long time ago when they come to Petaluma this week. That’s fine with them, though; shedding one-hit wonder status would be a relief. “Hopefully, [fans] can transition from the Dougie thing to our real music; like, we really have songs,” said Cali Swag District’s C-Smoove recently, with a hint of irritation. It’s the new style when they take the stage with Clyde Carson, New Boyz, LoveRance, and the Finnaticz on Saturday, July 21, at the Phoenix Theater. 201 Washington St., Petaluma. $25. 8pm. 707.764.3565.