July 18: Willie Nelson at Uptown Theatre


Hey, what kind of bus does Willie Nelson tour in? A canni-bus! Aaaw yeah! Yo, but what’s forty feet long with a dozen teeth? The front row at a Willie Nelson concert! Shazam! Wait, wait, wait—what do you call Willie Nelson when he lights up two doobies? Double jointed! Bwahaha guffaw guffaw! No no no, hold up, check it out: what’s the worst thing you could hear while sleeping with Willie Nelson? ‘I’m not Willie Nelson!’ Yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk. But seriously folks, the Red Headed Stranger takes the stage on Wednesday, July 18, at the Uptown Theatre. 1350 Third St., Napa. $95. 7pm. 707.259.0123.

Sonoma County Library