.Jaxon’s Back: ‘The Drive’ parks at 95.5 FM

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A good man can’t be kept down—or off the air—in the case of popular local media personality Steve Jaxon, the longtime host of The Drive, an afternoon, drive-time radio talk show.

The Drive, which rather suddenly departed Amaturo Sonoma Media Group’s KSRO after 15 years in early June due to a programming shake up (Jaxon’s show was replaced with a syndicated conservative talk show), is back on the dial at 95.5 FM, KRSH, a.k.a. “The Krush,” which is operated by Wine Country Radio.

The announcement comes after recent changes to the locally-owned station’s lineup and “a strategic move to align with the core values and lifestyles of North Bay listeners,” according to a statement issued by the media venture.

Jaxon, a beloved fixture in local media and one of only a few “brand name” radio personalities to broadcast from the North Bay, is known for his conversational interviews, local news coverage and Sonoma County-centric lifestyle programming,

WCR general manager Melissa Galliani said, “I feel that the program is right in line with our core mission and values: quality programming that fits the lifestyles of our listeners. We listen to the heartbeat of the North Bay.”

New Opportunities and Simulcast

The recent move of Latino 95.5 to 100.9 has opened up new opportunities for WCR, coinciding with the availability of The Drive, after it departed Amaturo Sonoma Media Group’s KSRO in early June.

The 95.5 FM frequency will now simulcast Sonoma County’s KRSH 95.9 Triple A radio station, with The Drive coming on at 3pm on the 95.5 station.

KRSH will continue in its usual format. The transition is a natural, since the two programs are right next door on the dial and have always shared a like-minded audience, suggests Galliani. The introduction of KRSH listeners to The Drive and vice versa is expected to benefit both stations and Sonoma County as a whole.

Insane Idea

“It’s something that never should have worked. It’s an insane idea,” observed Mike DeWald on the eve of what turned out to be the show’s temporary hiatus. DeWald was part of the show’s original production crew before moving onto KCBS. “A late night show on the radio—news makers, comedians, live music, pop culture, a slice of life of what it means to live in Sonoma County—and yet it did. It worked because of the listeners. It worked because of the crew. It worked because of the guests. It worked because of Steve’s ability to be the glue that holds the whole thing together.”



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