Jan. 9 -11: French Film Celebration at the Jarvis Conservatory


If the words “French Cinema” don’t make you salivate with anticipation, read no further. But if you’re one of the many who can’t get enough of the country’s pioneering styles, daring scripts and risqué plot twists, then settle in for three days of Francophile heaven at Jarvis Conservatory’s French Film Celebration. On offer are Mariage à Mendoza (dir. Edouard Deluc), about two brothers on a road trip; Au Galop (dir. Louis-Do de Lencquesaing), about a torrid affair; Comme un Lion (dir. Samuel Collardey), about a teenage footballer; and J’Enrage de Son Absence (dir. Sandrine Bonnaire), about an awkward family reunion. Films run Thursday—Friday, Jan 9-11, at the Jarvis Conservatory. 1711 Main St., Napa. Times vary. $10. 707.255.5445.

Sonoma County Library