.I Lost Me To Meth Because I’m Gay

I’ve seen this commercial four or five times now, and it still bothers me. Since when did meth become a “gay drug”? Since when did it become okay for PSAs to single out one group and align it and it alone with a drug that has, for years, been widely abused by everyone from all walks of life?

I first saw it on Bravo, which has been airing the totally awesome gay Levi’s commercials. But then I saw it over and over again on NBC, and unlike the Levi’s commercials, there’s no straight counterpart. It’s just for those self-destructive gays, apparently, who all go out and snort mountains of speed and lose their boyfriends and get HIV.

I know there’s good intentions here, but imagine it in the context of ads for Bud Lite and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and it just plain sucks.


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