‘I Don’t Want to Eat Octopus’

I don’t eat octopus. It has a lot to do with respect. If I were less hypocritical, I would probably not eat any meat, even fish. But no, I have standards. An animal has to impress me somehow in order to stay off my plate. There are too many reasons to list why octopus meets this criteria for me, but they are damn smart, adaptable to any situation, can communicate with sudden changes in color, mimic other animals, can crush far more than its body weight, etc.

This kid (I believe he’s speaking Portuguese) doesn’t want to eat his octopus. Not because the taste, but because it’s a living creature. He then launches into a beautiful and articulate diatribe about why he doesn’t want to eat animals, and even makes his mom cry. The weirdest part is he looks a little bit like me as a kid.

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