.Hooray for Us!

The finalists for the annual awards for the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies were announced last night and, once again, I’m way beyond all modesty in announcing that the Bohemian has two big reasons to be very proud. (None, of course, are quite as big as Sean Connery’s honorary phallus!)

Our Arcadia issue is a finalist in the “Special Issues” category, with outstanding photos taken by the inimitable Sara Sanger. Genius-girl freelance contributor Carey Sweet is listed in the “Food Writing” category for her profile on Taverna Santi and reviews of the Sky Lounge and Carneros Bistro.

This will be the third year in a row that we’ve placed in the Food Writing category and the second time in a row that we’ve won in the Special Issue category. (Many of the bigger papers have editors who only handle the special issues, which would be like being a professional at dandling rubies.)

Awards and placement will be announced at the June 7 convention in Philadelphia. We are guaranteed a win; now, it’s just up to which spot.AAN is our professional association, composed of some 177 papers nationwide and including Canada. Our circulation puts us in the under 55k category which is far more populated than the over 55k; there are a lot more “little” papers like ours than there are mega-papers like the LA Weekly.

Including this year’s goodness, that totals seven national awards claimed by the Boho in the last five years. Being of a small and petty nature, I will probably find the time to research whether there’s another paper in our circulation category that can make that claim; I doubt that there is.

For context, the only other papers of our size in California to get the nods are Santa Barbara (3), San Luis Obispo (2) and Monterey County Weekly (1).

Ahem: We rock.

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