Four Play

With over 50 restaurants participating, it’s not possible to list all that the Taste of Petaluma has to offer. But for a sneak preview, here are some appe-teasers.

Speakeasy, a newcomer to the event, offers a cold melon soup shooter topped with crispy prosciutto and microgreens. Once the salty meat takes hold, the sweet, cool melon soup calms the aggressive flavor, making for an interesting twist on the classic combination. At fellow newcomer Social Club, chunks of applewood-smoked pork shoulder are crisped up and garnished with heirloom tomato salad, busting with flavor at the peak of the season.

Corkscrew has a Europe-meets-Sonoma vibe, with a gorgeous bar fashioned to look like a flayed-out wine barrel. The pulled-pork sliders are fine, but the chocolate truffles are divine—especially when paired with a deep, dark red wine. Andy’s Kitchen & Sushi Bar is more than just a sushi bar, though the satisfying deep-fried unagi, crab and avocado roll topped with unagi sauce (pictured) might indicate no need to expand the menu beyond its namesake. Andy’s is also serving an interesting take on fries: mini corn sticks with sweet Thai chili sauce. They look like lumpy french fries, but they’re actually corn kernels stuffed into wonton wrappers. Sweet, salty and fried just right.

Taste of Petaluma takes place Saturday, Aug. 24, at restaurants throughout downtown Petaluma. Check-in at Putnam Plaza. 129 Petaluma Blvd. N., Petaluma. 11:30am. $40. 707.763.8920.

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