Five best Time Magazine millennial spoofs

Maybe you’ve read the recent, controversial Time Magazine cover story about how the Millennial generation (hey, that’s me!) is made up of a bunch of lazy, unemployed narcissists who live with their parents. I haven’t. I’ve been too busy having government-subsidized babies and getting my mom to take care of them while I sit around taking photos of my own reflection in the mirror.


I did get around to reading The Atlantic‘s analysis of it, which points out how faulty writer Joel Stein’s data is. But I had to do it quickly, because I was in the middle of brunch/interviews with potential trainers for the new pet dolphin I was just able to buy. I’ve been living with my parents, see, and my college professors have actually been paying me in monthly increments of $400 just for eventually landing a job.

But anyway, these are funny, courtesy of Policymic.