Feb 8: Soul Salvation at the Napa Valley Opera House


Paul Thorn played the EarleFest stage last year, he told the crowd that he’d written his debut album in an attempt to win back a lost love. But it didn’t work; if anything, it just gave the lady more fuel to “treat me like dirt,” Thorn sardonically told a charmed crowd. Known for his fiery, barnstorming performances and wry humor, Thorn takes the stage in Napa with another soulful, church-raised crooner, Ruthie Foster. Get all the fire-and-brimstone of a good church sermon without all that God stuff when Soul Salvation, featuring Ruthie Foster and Paul Thorn, hits the stage on Wednesday, Feb. 8, at the Napa Valley Opera House. 1030 Main St., Napa. 8pm. $25. 707.226.7372.