EXTENDED PLAY: Redwoods Chopped

This week’s news story details the $98,000 sale of redwoods planted on Caltrans right-of-way land to the Sonoma County Water Agency. It also looks at land Caltrans will be building on that was supposed to be open space, and consults The Sierra Club as to why no hippies have been chained to the iconic redwoods in protest.

Construction on January 29.

We looked at lots and lots of electronic, scanned and PDFed documents for this piece. Here’s a sampling of some of the main ones.

An outline of Caltrans historic right-of-way, in a project summary of the overall 101 widening project from 2001. The map is around page 27.

A Board of Directors’ agenda document detailing the interchange project.

The Environmental Impact Report for the widening project.

The agenda item talking about the Mark West Creek area open space.

The Caltrans record of Ghilotti’s bid.

Sonoma County Library