Dec. 31: Lydia Pense and Cold Blood at George’s Nightclub

If it can be typified by anything, the “San Francisco sound” has always boasted a cross-pollination of rock, jazz, blues and soul. Put a great female singer at the forefront of it all, and you’ve got a recipe for history. Or so it seemed when Cold Blood released their debut album in 1969—a screaming, venomous collection of heartwrenching barnburners that seemed set to enshrine the band for good. Turns out Janis made the history books—untimely deaths will do that—while Lydia Pense still sings magnificently at little clubs around the Bay Area. This weekend, the band shuts the door on 2010 in a New Year’s Eve show on Friday, Dec. 31, at George’s Nightclub. 842 Fourth St., San Rafael. 9:30pm. $65. 415.226.0262.

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