Dec. 26: Shotgun Wedding Quintet at Hopmonk Tavern

You know, Christmastime is a lot like one big class reunion. Everyone who grew up and moved away is back in town visiting the family, and chances are they’ll call or text or message or Facebook each other to go out on the town for a night with the old crew. The Shotgun Wedding Quintet definitely represent a solid crew in Sonoma County, from the jumping days of bands like Cannonball and the Savoy Swingers, before all their members moved down to San Francisco and started playing tiny clubs with Stevie Wonder. Did you jitterbug the night away to Cannonball at First Night in 1997, but have lived in Boston ever since and hoped that maybe you’d run into that one sweet guy again, for old times’ sake? Then make it a joyful reunion when Adam Theis and the Shotgun Wedding Quintet play on Saturday, Dec. 26, at Hopmonk Tavern. 230 Petaluma Ave., Sebastopol. 9pm. $10. 707.829.7300.Gabe Meline