Dec. 12: San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus at the Center for Spiritual Living

If you leaned over during New Edition’s “Mr. Telephone Man” on the roller rink and told me, in 1989, that Star Skate would one day turn into a Center for Spiritual Living and presented an annual concert by a Gay Men’s Chorus, I’d have eaten my skates in disbelief. But here we are 20 years later, Star Skate but a distant memory and the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus is back for its annual show at the hallowed former rink. You might not get to fall on your ass trying to do the hokey-pokey, but you will hear such classics this year as “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town,” the Mariah Carey-inspired version of “Joy to the World,” and “Fruitcake,” a humorous homage to Julia Child, reincarnated live onstage. Also, since 2001, the Gay Men’s Chorus has raised over $10,000 for Face to Face, the Sonoma County AIDS Network, simply by being jubilant in harmony. Make the yuletide gay on Saturday, Dec. 12, at the Center for Spiritual Living. 2075 Occidental Road, Santa Rosa. 7:30pm. $10–$25. 707.544.1581.Gabe Meline

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