Cinematic Dining

Dinner and a movie at the Mill Valley Film Festival

The Mill Valley Film Festival runs through Oct. 13. While great indie films are set to unspool through the weekend, here’s where to link a film with a dish from the city’s first-rate restaurant scene.

Kuzu is a Turkish-German film that highlights village life in a poor Turkish community. Kuzu translates as “The Lamb,” which makes for a perfect nearby match: We’re thinking of some India-Mexico neo-fusion. Head to Avatar’s Punjabi Burrito for the curried lamb burrito. 15 Madrona St. 415.381.8293.

Haute couture gets a filmic blowout in the French documentary, Dior and I, which chronicles the Dior empire. Dior is an institution, and ditto Mill Valley legend El Paseo. Dior’s been around since 1946, and the bistro-style chophouse has been around since 1947. You can never go wrong with steak frites (with truffle fries). That same $32 you’ll drop on dinner can get you a Dior sock. One sock. 17 Throckmorton Ave. 415.388.0741.

The Boy and the World is a Brazilian animated feature that follows a boy around as he tries to find his dad. Along the way, many adventures unfurl in this 2013 feature that’s a highlight of the Children’s Fest portion of the festival. Well, if you want to know where the best “kid friendly” restaurants are in Mill Valley—look no further than, which recommends the Cantina, located at 651 Blithedale Plaza. It’s a Mexican joint and not a Brazilian one—so use the opportunity to teach your kid some South and Central American geography. 415.381.1070.—Tom Gogola