.Best Place to Spot a Cryptid

Partrick Road, Napa Valley

Bigfeet live too far north for my pocketbook, and California doesn’t even have swamp monsters. So imagine my ever-cryptid-loving surprise when I found out that a legendary freaky beast lives practically under my very nose. That’s right. Napa Valley is home to a cryptid called a rebob, and rebobs are paranormal creatures of no small renown.

Rumored to be flying robotic monkeys, facts concerning ’bobs are scant while stories abound. Word is they were created by a mad scientist at a secret government lab and escaped into the surrounding forest, where they still terrorize horny teens far up Partrick Road in Napa Valley on dark nights. Other stories suggest they are a flight of fancy concocted by local parents in the ’50s during the era of B monster movies to keep their daughters from getting pregnant.

Regardless of rumors, it is a fact that Partrick Road exists, that it has a mysterious graveyard near it and that stretches of undergrowth along the roadside are blocked off by long sections of cyclone fence festooned with NO TRESPASSING signs. I have yet to explore the site myself, though the adventure is high on my bucket list. How high? Higher than a flying robotic monkey, truth be known. — M.F.

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