.Mark Fernquest

Jun 20, 2023

Yuka Yu Rocks

Marin-based Yuka Yu is a DJ with a worldwide palette, and with good reason: Music and culture run through her veins. Born in Taiwan in...
Apr 18, 2023

Zomeland: Petaluma housing start-up grows

This article is a follow-up to a March 2022 ‘North Bay Bohemian’ article, ‘Residential Renaissance—Alternative architecture in the North Bay.’ It’s been a dynamic year...
Apr 4, 2023

Night Shift

Not just another fish tale I’m crammed into the back of my van in North Petaluma, dozing to the buzz of scanner chatter, when the...
Mar 21, 2023

Best Place to Have a Semi-secret Orgy

Bodega Dunes Campground, Bodega Bay It's no secret that sleeping in the sand dunes at Bodega Dunes Campground is an experience second to none. But...
Mar 21, 2023

Best Place to Spot a Cryptid

Partrick Road, Napa Valley Bigfeet live too far north for my pocketbook, and California doesn't even have swamp monsters. So imagine my ever-cryptid-loving surprise when...

Best Barnyard Trifecta

Three Favorites, Santa Rosa & Sebastopol I wager that the richest beverage race in Sonoma County lies along a certain backstretch of track between Santa...
Mar 21, 2023

Best Place to Dine Like Gwyneth

The Spinster Sisters, Santa Rosa The Spinster Sisters, or Spinstuh, as I call it, is one of my favorite Santa Rosa restaurants, and not just...
Mar 21, 2023

Best Place to Get Baked

Criminal Baking Co., Santa Rosa “If I were a scone, I'd get baked at Criminal Baking Co.,” I think as I sit on a bench...