.Best Place That Smashes Stereotypes

Department of Motor Vehicles, Santa Rosa

We’re fortunate to be of an era now wherein every day old thoughts are challenged, new ground is broken and glass ceilings are, if not shattered, at least raised. So in that spirit of retiring old, outdated ideals, I offer good news…

Y’all, the DMV kicks ass now.

I’m serious! We don’t need to live with the misery of disdainful, slothful assistance, or appointments that take two hours to see through anymore. Speaking at least for the Santa Rosa DMV on Corby Avenue, that place is a well-oiled model of efficiency. The folks there are pleasant, attentive and get you in and out in under 20 minutes. They use iPads now! We should be sorely tempted to put their achievement right up there with men being able to cry, women increasingly in engineering roles and minorities holding public office.

music in the park san jose
music in the park san jose

The old world is dead, and “An Efficient DMV” is the piece of utopia none of us realizes we want until we have it, and we have it now. — E.D.


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