Beer Dinner

Baeltane and HopMonk team up for pairing

Baeltane Brewing has teamed up with HopMonk Tavern Novato for a night of artisanal suds and plates of paired offerings from the HopMonk kitchen.

Let’s skip right to the “Finale”: the dish artfully brings breakfast and dinner staples to a whole other level; it’s not a savory, but it is a quasi-dessert, if seen in a certain, pie-eyed light.

That’s already too much information, for now—so let these be a gentle and delicious distraction. The Baeltane beer dinner opens with a schnozzle of the Novato brewer’s signature Biere de Gardinere. A proper appetizer pairing follows, grilled cantaloupe with prosciutto and blue cheese with the Novato brewer’s “Venus in Blue Jeans,” a strong Belgian ale. A seafood manicotti swims with another Belgian-style concoction, the Fleuret ale, and the Black Spot porter is a stoutly pal of the charred flank steak entrée that’s served with some freakin’ carrots and a petite spinach, feta and beet salad. Yum. Burp.

The dinner is Aug. 24 at the HopMonk Tavern, 224 Vintage Way, Novato; $65 covers everything. including tax and gratuity.

But does that really cover everything?

Ah, the “Finale”! Brew-diners will imbibe the brewer’s Beleriand Barleywine beer. Say it three times fast before you plow into those crispy-fried chicken wings over buckwheat waffles.

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