.Estefany Gonzalez

May 1, 2013

Voices of Dreamers

With Obama's Deferred Action program, more and more immigrant youth are telling their stories
Apr 17, 2013

April 20: Travis Tritt at the Lincoln Theatre

Before Randy Jackson sat though hundreds of off-key singers for American Idol, he was producing albums for someone who could sing, Travis Tritt. Performing...
Apr 17, 2013

April 19: Blue Sky Riders at Sweetwater Music Hall

What happens when three big names in music come together to create music? The answer: Blue Sky Riders. The band includes Kenny Loggins and...
Apr 17, 2013

April 18: Allison Miller’s Boom Tic Boom at 142 Throckmorton

Over the years there’s sadly been a deficit of successful female drummers. Meg White from the White Stripes, Janet Weiss from Sleater-Kinney and Gina...
Apr 17, 2013

April 20: ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ at the Phoenix Theater

There are generally two types of people who’ve seen ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’: those who roll their eyes whenever they think of Tim...
Apr 3, 2013

April 7: Anne-Marie McDermott at the Kanbar Center

One word describes Anne-Marie McDermott’s fingers while playing the piano: manic. McDermott is a classical pianist with virtual power tools for hands, and her...
Apr 3, 2013

April 5-7: Spring Forward Festival at the Arlene Francis Center

100 Thousand Poets for Change is an organization of poets, writers, musicians and artists from all over the world looking for a change. What...
Apr 3, 2013

April 5: Gurf Morlix at the Sebastopol Community Center Annex

Gurf Morlix isn’t only the producer who helped deliver top albums for Lucinda Williams and others; he’s also a terrific songwriter and guitarist in...