Aug. 2: Jess Winfield at Copperfield’s Books

As a founding member of the Reduced Shakespeare Co. and co-creating force behind the smash stage hit The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged), Jess Winfield knows a thing or two about brevity in the face of a short attention span. So it comes as no surprise that he appears in Santa Rosa with a lecture entitled “Why TV Isn’t Evil: What Writers Can Learn from Television, Film and Theater.” The 22-minute sitcom in which life catastrophes are presented, navigated and overcome will no doubt be covered, but with the virtual demise of the sitcom, the real question is what writers could possibly hope to learn from the glut of so-called unscripted reality competition shows that clog the cable lines. Find out when Winfield appears with the Redwood Writers’ Club on Sunday, Aug. 2, at Copperfield’s Books. 2316 Montgomery Drive, Santa Rosa. 3pm. $5. 707.578.8938.Gabe Meline

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