Aug. 18: Dark Genius in Santa Rosa

In the world of filmmaking, no one can touch director David Lynch for sheer surreal insanity. This week, the CULT Film Series shows a double feature of Lynch’s two best films, screening 1986’s Blue Velvet and 1977’s Eraserhead in the series’ most daring offer to date. Blue Velvet was called the most controversial film of the ’80s, a noir thriller with Dennis Hopper in the scariest role of his lifetime. Eraserhead, Lynch’s debut, black-and-white art film, is a stark and unsettling exploration of fatherhood and isolation that was reportedly Stanley Kubrick’s favorite film at one time. CULT fans can see both films on Thursday, Aug. 18, at Roxy Stadium 14 Cinemas, 85 Santa Rosa Ave., Santa Rosa. 7pm. $10. 707.525.8909.

Sonoma County Library