.Aug. 11: Zucchini Festival and Antique Show at Windsor Farmers Market


Chop it, steam it, bake it, fry it—there really isn’t much that can’t be done to zucchini. What better way to honor the multifaceted summer vegetable than to throw a party for it, and heck, why not throw in some antiques as well? The Zucchini Festival & Antique Show appears this weekend and, boy, is it packed with the zest of life. Zucchini lovers can view a veggie garnishing and carving demo with SRJC chef Lauren Helvajian, enter the Biggest Zucchini Contest and race zucchini cars. Antique lovers can view showcased treasures from pre-1975 and have their own antiques viewed by certified appraiser Phil Eagle. Live music, food and a Kidz Corral round it out on Sunday, Aug. 11, at Windsor Certified Farmers Market. 701 McClelland Drive, Windsor. Free. 9am. 707.838.5947.


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