Attend ABAG’s Workshops on Smart Growth

We’ve reported extensively on ABAG and the myriad problems facing smart growth and housing elements in the North Bay. With Napa and Marin’s high in-commuting numbers, carbon emissions from the cars entering these wealthy counties continue to be a major problem.

The One Bay Area Plan matches transit and housing dollars

  • The One Bay Area Plan matches transit and housing dollars

KBBF hosted a focus group on Tuesday night that the Bohemian participated on these issues of housing and transportation. It was led by MTC (Metropolitan Transit Commission) and ABAG (The Association of Bay Area Governments) and featured topics related to the two’s One Bay Area plan, which matches transportation dollars with areas poised for infill development and other features of non-sprawl growth.
This was the first in a series of workshops on Sonoma County’s growth patterns. If you want to see bike lanes and ramps constructed instead of widened freeways and housing built close to city centers instead of the far reaches of the county, you should go to these meetings and make your voice heard.
A schedule of upcoming north bay meetings can be seen here.

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