April 25: Bob Pittman at Legends

It is refreshingly easy to become completely beguiled by the homespun charm of Bob Pittman’s recent CD, 10 Totally Catchy Songs By Some Guy You’ve Never Heard Of, released on Your Record Company Here, 123 Happy Ln., Anytown, USA. Whether through the Lou Reed talking-singing of “Waiting for my Ship to Come In,” the Erasure-esque synth-pop of “Pit Stop” or the Being There-era Wilco twang of “The Hard Line,” Pittman has made an utterly unpretentious record—despite the back cover’s tongue-in-cheek declaration that it’s “the only album you’ll ever need!” Lighthearted humor and subtle social commentary surround poignant stories, such as “The Palm of Her Hand,” and even though it bears no resemblance to the accepted genre, it is truly an indie-rock record. Pittman, a postal carrier, appears with Cotati’s wacky blackface-controversy councilman George Barich at a golf course karaoke party to celebrate the release of 10 Totally Catchy Songs on Saturday, April 25, at Legends, Bennett Valley Golf Course, 3328 Yulupa Ave., Santa Rosa. 8:30pm. Free. 707.523.4111.

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