April 18: Sonoma County Roller Derby at Cal Skate

Grab yer hot dog, grab yer beer, but don’cha stand too close to the wall! The girls of the Sonoma County Roller Derby could very well come crashing off the rink, tumbling booty shorts-over-helmet, at any given time when the racing gets rough. That’s right, it’s roller derby time again, and the very first home game of the season gets underway this weekend with the Wine Country Homewreckers vs. the Santa Cruz Roller Girls. For just the price of a few containers of Tiger Balm muscle rub, the thrill of witnessing Injury Anna Jones clobber Foxee Firestorm or cheering on Rosie Road Rash as she outskates Cleopatra Catastrophe can be yours ringside at the unforgiving hard oval floor of the rink. It’s thrills, chills and spills galore—with a full bar!—on Saturday, April 18, at Cal Skate, 6100 Commerce Blvd., Rohnert Park. 8:30pm. $10-$15. 707.584.2890.

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